2018 CALENDAR (scroll down for monthly listings)

Meditation 9:00 - 9:35 am, then walking meditation, dharma talk and discussion until 10:30.
Sebastopol Community Center, Teen Annex
425 Morris Street, Sebastopol, California 95472
By donation.

Sangha Tea first Sunday of each month.

7-8:00 AM, meditation, service and Dharma discussion
Sebastopol CA
Call Bruce for directions: 707-544-1436

Dharma study group and meditation
5:30-7:00 PM, meditation and group discussion of Buddhist text or sutra
633 Cherry Street, Santa Rosa (Bruce's Santa Rosa therapy office)
Call Bruce for more details: 707-544-1436.

EVERY THURSDAY - Petaluma River Sangha
11:00 am - 12:15 pm..
Petaluma Meditation and Dharma Study Group
224 A Weller Street
"Wellness by Desigh" Yoga Studio overlooking the Petaluma River

Periodically volunteers from the Sangha engage in service projects for the local community: in past years Sangha volunteers have planted trees in the Laguna, helped build low-cost housing for "Sebastopol Tomorrow" and provided ongoing meals and supplies for the homeless.


January 2018

Usual weekly schedule
Jan. 17-
Feb. 23
Bruce and Chris traveling in Myanmar (Burma). Senior students covering group.
Jan. 14 Benefit poetry reading after meditatino for local non-profit group working with climate change.
February 2018
Usual weekly schedule
Jan. 17-
Feb. 23
Bruce and Chris traveling in Myanmar (Burma). Two Sunday lectures on the political tension and practice in Myanmar. Senior students covering groups.
Feb. 26 Sangha Service Project - beach cleanup
March 2018
Usual weekly schedule
Mar. 25 Half Day Sitting
April 2018
Usual weekly schedule
Apr. 6 “Sea of Suffering, The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar (Burma) 5-7pm, Berkeley Buddhist Monastery, 2304 McKinley Ave.
Apr. 8 Buddha's Birthday Celebration (flowers and poetry)
Apr. 29-
May 4
Sangha members to Tassajara for guest/student practice and class on “Zen Teaching of Compassion”
May 2018
Usual weekly schedule
May 20 Patty Keeley Way Seeking Mind Talk
May 27 Occidental Laguna Sangha Advisory Council meeting
June 2018
Usual weekly schedule
June 1-2 Two day spring retreat with Lotus Sangha at Bruce and Chris's home
June 19-23 Bruce on Zen Men's Priest Retreat
July 2018
Usual weekly schedule
August 2018
Usual weekly schedule

Bruce on vacation and retreat
No Wednesday evening class
All other classes lead by senior students

September 2018
Usual weekly schedule
October 2018
Usual weekly schedule
Oct. 19 Half day sitting and start of Fall/Winter Practice Period

Oct. 19-
Dec. 12

Fall/Winter Practice Period
November 2018
Usual weekly schedule
  Fall/Winter Practice Period all month
Nov. 4 Annual Sangha Memorial Ceremony
Nov. 8 Chris and Bruce Forton one-day Dharma Dialog in Berkeley
December 2018
Usual weekly schedule
  Practice Period continues
Dec. 7-9 Annual Buddha's Enlightenment Retreat. Place to be announced
Dec. 12 End of Practice Period Ceremony
Dec. 31

New Year's Eve sitting and freshments at Bruce and Chris's home, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

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